Bobby Rush, Musician and Blues Legend 

"I call her young Nina Simone, she is a really good singer and songwriter. She is unique. That's why I work with her."

Cassandra Wilson,  Jazz Vocalist

'Love the voice, lyrics, and message! This sister is the real thing."

Clayton Singleton

"This voice rendered as Tawanna Shaunte has the depth tone and intent seldom heard through mainstream media. Her voice surrounds the lyrics and projects with a certainty rarely heard. Phenomenal sound. simply inspiring...she has caused me to complete my painting this morning"

Harlem Trends

"At the end of the show, Cassandra introduced us to fellow Ojah Music Group artist from Mississippi, Tawanna Shaunte’ who sang a beautiful song that is soon to be released on her own project.  Shades of Color is a challenging and inspiring call to open your mind and heart to the unending spectrum of all that the world offers.  I loved the song and look forward to more from her.  I’m certain I’ll be writing about her soon."