Welcome Freedom Agents!

Welcome, I am Tawanna Shaunte, a singer/songwriter, musician, podcaster, and creative coach committed to inspiring audiences through unique musical experiences. Since I was a youngster, I have been intrigued with diverse people, conversations, and heartfelt music. I was born and reared in Mississippi, which I warmly refer to as the muddy magnolia state. Mississippi is known for being last in just about everything; on the other hand, it places its people in a unique position to understand what it means to struggle and eventually become triumphant. My life experiences have made me a more creative, thoughtful, and socially conscious artist committed to infusing inspiration, history, and culture in my music. Consequently, I have worked with some of the most incredible and brilliant artists in the world. I invite you to join me in being a Freedom Agent: an individual who is willing to break down barriers and be a catalyst for positive change. 


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