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Square Stage

Welcome, I am Tawanna Shaunte, a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and pod-caster committed to inspiring audiences through unique musical experiences. Since I was a youngster, I have been intrigued by diverse people, conversations, and heartfelt music. I was born and raised in Mississippi, which I warmly refer to as the muddy magnolia state. Mississippi is known for being last in just about everything; on the other hand, it places its people in a unique position to understand what it means to struggle and eventually become triumphant.


My life experiences have made me a more creative, thoughtful, and a socially conscious artist committed to infusing inspiration, history, and culture in my music. Consequently, I have worked with some of the most incredible and brilliant artists in the world. I invite you to join me in being a Freedom Agent: an individual who is willing to break down barriers and be a catalyst for positive change. And together we can transform our world.

Square Stage


Bobby Rush, Musician, and Blues Legend

"I call her young Nina Simone, she is a really good singer and songwriter. She is unique. That's why I work with her."

Cassandra Wilson, Jazz Vocalist

'Love the voice, lyrics, and message! This sister is the real thing."

Clayton Singleton, Artist

"This voice rendered as Tawanna Shaunte has the depth tone and intent seldom heard through mainstream media. Her voice surrounds the lyrics and projects with a certainty rarely heard. Phenomenal sound. simply inspiring...she has caused me to complete my painting this morning"



Freedom Agent Records


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